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Save money

when you travel.


Service saves the average traveler

over $300 per year.

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Service detects savings based on your travel reservations.

We automatically detect flight disruptions and hotel savings opportunities based on travel reservations in your inbox. Setup only takes 1 minute!

We rebook you at lower hotel rates!

Service keeps track of your upcoming hotel stays. If we detect a price drop we automatically rebook you at the lower rate and save you money!


Get compensation when your flight is delayed.

We keep an eye on your upcoming flights. If we detect a flight disruption we automatically pursue compensation from the airline.


Did you know you can get compensation for delayed flights for up to 12 months?

Service will take a look at all your past flights and automatically pursue compensation from the airline for any delays or cancellations you've experienced over the last year.

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There's no catch.

We offer two options to fit your travel habits - an annual membership where you keep 100% of what we get you, or a pay as-you-go-option where we charge you 30% of whatever we get you.


"It works! Plain and simple, it does what they say it would."

- Ginger V.


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